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The sewerage system of any given property is a combination of pipes that collect rainwater and wastewater and redirect this water for treatment and proper disposal. To ensure that any property has the right connections that enable proper functioning of their plumbing systems, timely sewer services are not just important but they are a factor that cannot be neglected. At Clear Sewer & Drain Inc., we have some reliable offers for our customers and are expanding on those offers by addressing some common queries that we have received on this page. If new clients need some specific details addressed, we urge them to simply contact us, and our professionals will be happy to help. We are widely praised for being a trusted choice to make for projects across the entire Peekskill, NY area.

How to tackle water line repairs?

Leaks can develop for numerous reasons, the most common ones being water freezing in the pipes and expanding or regular wear and tear. To fix these leaks, the water must at first be turned off from the source, and then the entire leaking section of the pipe needs to be cut out strategically and replaced with a new section, which is to be properly sealed for a long-term connection. This process is easier said than done. Hence, to get the right results, we urge customers to hire a trusted sewage company for the job.

What is sewage camera inspection?

The sole purpose of a comprehensive sewer camera inspection is to locate the source of the issue at hand when it comes to blockages in pipelines that are deep underground or under the foundations of residential spaces. This is an alternative to needing to excavate the entire yard to gain access to the pipelines and do the same evaluation manually. This process is both cost-effective and efficient.

How to keep your drain clean?

The most effective tips to consider when it comes to keeping your drains clean include using a DIY drain cleaner solution. However, one must avoid pouring grease down the sink as it can lead to severe clogs. Always use drain traps to prevent clogs and run cold water down the drain after use to help flush out the system. To make sure that your drains are well-kept and performing at optimal capacity, and to curb the threat of clogs, hire reliable drainage cleaning services.

How frequently should plumbing maintenance be done?

It is strictly advised that property owners must opt for a professional sewer cleaning and inspection of the plumbing system at least twice a year. In case you live in an older property, the frequency of the tune-ups might be more frequent as the pipelines underground have aged and their condition might be subpar.

How experienced are you?

As professionals in our domain, we have more than 25 years of sewer installation experience at our disposal. Through this time, our sewage company has become the ideal choice for many across town to get their plumbing systems functioning at optimal capacity.

We are certain that hiring us will provide cost-effective and reliable results for our customers and, after going through this page, new clients are bound to come to the same conclusion. We can also make sure that we address any further queries that they might have, and urge them to contact Clear Sewer & Drain Inc. at (914) 215-7489. Our customer service experts are looking forward to hearing from you and addressing all your concerns when it comes to septic tank installation across Peekskill, NY.

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