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For all your residential and commercial plumbing maintenance needs, we provide excellent solutions. Before you call our office in Peekskill, NY and schedule an appointment with our technicians, we suggest you take a moment and read this page. Here you will learn what the team at Clear Sewer & Drain Inc. does for our customers in the region.

Septic Installation – If you need a septic tank, but do not have it installed yet, you will want to get the job done professionally and right the first time. The process involves digging a pit into which the tank is placed. Then, we connect pipes to the structure and make sure the system runs smoothly and will perform that way for years to come.

Septic Service

Septic Service

Water Line RepairsWhen you turn on your faucets, you should get clear and nice flowing water. In case you notice water coloration, low pressure, or an unusual damp area in your backyard, you may have a water line leak. If this is the case, our plumbers in Peekskill, NY will gladly come to fix it.

Sewer ServicesWhether it is a problem with the waterline, a clogged drain, or something else that is blocking your sewer and causing it to malfunction, you can trust the team at Clear Sewer & Drain Inc. to fix it in a matter of hours.

Drain Cleaning Services – Drain maintenance should be done every few years. There are several risks at hand if you do not take proper care of your system. If you have not had your pipes inspected recently, call our plumbers. They will be happy to assist you.

Call our professionals today to schedule an appointment with them. They will be happy to give you a free, upfront estimate so you can plan your project. Our phone is (914) 215-7489. Feel free to contact us at any time. We are expecting your calls! 

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