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A Few Things to Know Before Installing a Sewer Line

Requirements That Go along With Your Sewer Installation Project 

Building a sewer installation requires assistance from a team of professionals who are fully aware of the following requirements that go along with the installation process at hand. If you are interested in installing a sewer line for your home, you can check and keep this list of requirements during the installation process.

1. Obtain a Plumbing Permit from Building Inspection.


2. Turn to Technical Resources to Obtain a Connection Permit if the Connection is New.


3. An Inspection of the Materials and Installation Along with A Test of the Building Sewer Shall Be Approved Before Any Work is Covered. 


4. Materials

There are a number of materials that will be installed two feet from the foundation wall and include:

  • Vitrified Clay – 3 inches minimum
  • PVC – DMV: ASTM D2665; – 3 inches minimum
  • ABS – DMV: ATM D2661 – 3 inches minimum
  • Cast Iron – 3 inches minimum
  • Asbestos Cement – At least 4 inches

For any changes in materials, approved adapters will be put to use.


5. Cleanouts

Once ready, accessible cleanouts should be installed at the building drain’s upper terminal along with another one at the house sewer and the junction of the building drain. Each cleanout shall be extended to grade. Additional cleanouts should be installed at intervals of up to 100 feet in straight runs and for every change in aggregate of direction exceeding 135 degrees.

The cleanout to grade shall be installed within a couple of feet of the property line. This property line cleanout shall be the same in size as the lateral to the property. A sewer box will be placed to add protection.


So, there you have it. Be sure to keep this page open should you be interested in hiring a team of experts, such as the ones at Clear Sewer & Drain Inc., for a sewer installation service. You can give us a call at (914) 215-7489 to discuss your project in Peekskill, NY with our team and make an appointment today! We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call today!

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